Hi everyone!

This website is going to cover tips, tricks, reviews, and motivational ideas about how to feel and look  young as long as possible.

It’s about:

Keeping people in their own homes safely, and out of nursing homes.

Couples celebrating their 50th, 60th, 70th! year wedding anniversaries.

People having valuable, happy, and creative lives for decades into their Golden Years.

Having parents and grandparents be physically and mentally active, and still show their kids/grandkids ” A thing or two.”

This is my passion.  I live and breathe this stuff, and it’s also personal.

I lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease well before his time. He was diagnosed in his late 50’s and died in his early 60’s. I would love to have him back. He died before any of his grandchildren  were born. How sad. Looking at his life, he really did not have a health conscious lifestyle. Could things have been different for him if he had a goal of staying healthy?

This web site is for people who are realizing, or already know that they are not in the youngest parts of their lives anymore.  I am 42 years old and I’m entering this stage. 20 years ago, I graduated from college. 20 years from now, I’ll be 62.

Now, I know that 62 is young to some and old to others. I know someone in a nursing home that is 107 ! She is as smart as a whip and walks everyday with someone. She is a beautiful, beautiful woman. But I think we all can agree that definite changes are happening to us at 62. Changes that should not be ignored. Changes that could be slowed down, stopped, or some even reversed if we chose to act.

The earlier we act, the better.

Action without knowledge can be a little messy, even plain bad. Boy, I’ve seen some doozies where people go bent on helping themselves when it was not a good idea. Sometimes they end up seeing someone like me to undo it.

So what does it take to live a long, good life? I believe there are three areas to focus on:

1) Physical and mental health.

2) Relationships and building community.

3) Financial.

These are the areas that will be covered on this site. It will take time for the content to add up, so keep peeking in for new info.

I am in the health field, so creative writing and web site building are not my strengths. I am hyper-learning about this everyday, but there is so much to learn! I may even need to outsource some writing. So please be kind to me if you notice mistakes, or less than perfect professional web stuff. I am a total newbie.

That being said, I have learned that I will make a small profit if you buy anything from the links I provide or the adds I have at no extra cost to you. I will only recommend and link items that I truly believe are amazing and that will benefit you.

Let’s go !

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